SmartProfile 4 from KOTEM

SmartProfile® is used by manufacturing professionals all over the world to evaluate measurement data for geometrical dimensioning and tolerancing compliance.

SmartProfile takes point clouds from part measurements performed on any measurement system, merges the points with the nominal CAD model of the part, and automatically and simultaneously evaluates the GD&T. SmartProfile is fully compliant with each of the three user-selectable tolerance standards: ASME Y14.5-1994, ASME Y14.5-2009 or ISO 1101.

Easy-to-Use GD&T Evaluation

SmartProfile makes it easier than ever to set up projects and evaluate parts. There are just four steps:

Import CAD Model Apply Tolerances Import Measured Points Evaluate & Report
1. Import CAD Model 2. Apply Tolerances 3. Import Measured Points 4. Evaluate & Report

SmartProfile supports most common CAD formats (such as IGES, STEP, VDA, and STL) and native CAD formats (using an optional module).

SmartProfile automatically brings in GD&T tolerances and product manufacturing information (PMI) in the ANSI accredited QIF format.

SmartProfile can use points collected on virtually any measurement system and automatically align them with the model. Built-in point filters and tools are available to accept and process millions of points.

SmartProfile allows constructions to create, measure and evaluate features and relationships.

SmartProfile handles all tolerance types. The software evaluates even the toughest computational challenges, including:

SmartProfile produces both numerical results and easy-to-interpret visualizations and color maps. Evaluation reports may also be exported in multiple formats, like PDF, CSV, HTML, or plain text.

GD&T Evaluation in 4 Easy Steps with SmartProfile 4


SmartProfile ensures true compliance to ASME Y14.5M-1994, ASME Y14.5-2009, and ISO 1101 standards. Complete and correct tolerance evaluation proves conformance even for the most complex parts. Additionally, users can choose to use the traditional least squares fitting to evaluate projects.

What's New in SmartProfile 4

SmartProfile version 4 is the latest release from KOTEM.

Download Brochure

SmartProfile Brochure

SmartProfile Brochure
PDF (3.36 MB)

SmartProfile Computer Requirements

Operating System Microsoft®Windows™ 7 (32 or 64 bit), 8/8.1(32or 64 bit), or 10 (32 or 64 bit), 64 bit recommended for all OS
CPU Intel®compatible 2GHz or better (Multi-core recommended)
Monitor Recommended: Full HD(1920x1080) or higher
Required: HD(1280x720)
Memory 32 bit: 4 GB
64 bit: 8GB minimum (16GB or more recommended)
Free Disk Space 20 GB or more
GPU OpenGL 1.1 compliance is required
nVidia graphics cards are recommended
Onboardgraphics chipsets, Intel graphics cards, and standard VGA only graphics cards are not supported