KOTEM EVOLVE is a Model-based dimension analysis software that seamlessly connects the metrology inspection function with product design and manufacturing using objective, model-based measurement data.

With KOTEM EVOLVE, manufacturers can shorten new part development time and improve product quality through better control of dimensions and tolerances.

KOTEM EVOLVE allows you the flexibility to implement a complete enterprise solution or to focus on one aspect of the manufacturing chain. It’s easy to start with one software component to focus on your biggest problems and acquire other software when you are ready.


EVOLVE DesignNow Available!

Provides the designer with expert help to correctly apply Geometric Dimensional and Tolerancing (GD&T) at the initial design stage. EVOLVE Design lets you simultaneously proof an entire part’s tolerances, and highlight syntax errors, or misapplication of the standards. Context sensitive help guides show the specific part of the standard to you. It also shows tolerance issues visually on your 3D CAD model and displays warnings of possible issues.

EVOLVE Design Pro takes validation one step further, providing advanced simulation and “what-if” analysis of tolerances to help optimize designs before questions arise in manufacturing.

Evolve Design

EVOLVE Manufacturing Analysis

KOTEM EVOLVE Manufacturing graphically compares measured results based on design datums and manufacturing datums, providing quick feedback on how to adjust a manufacturing process to comply with the GD&T. EVOLVE Manufacturing highlights systematic problems and suggests corrections to reduce out of tolerance conditions.

Evolve Design

EVOLVE SmartProfile

Based on KOTEM’s successful SmartProfile platform for inspection and evaluations of measured parts EVOLVE SmartProfile is enhanced and integrated with the rest of the EVOLVE suite as the core of the digital thread with respect to parts tolerancing.

EVOLVE Statistical Process Control & Reporting (SPC)Now Available!

An easy to use GUI with the statistical functions you need and SPC charting that you expect. EVOLVE SPC is model-based and data-based driven to allow Quality to gain insights by enabling you to perform long-range studies.

EVOLVE SPC is a completely visual system, with each feature’s statistics linked to the 3D CAD Model. Just point and click on the model to see stats for the feature of interest.

Evolve Design

EVOLVE Data Preparation

EVOLVE Data Preparation Software is a set of tools to prepare and capture physical measurements derived from a variety of sensor types. Data Preparation helps to manage and harmonize big data from 3D Scanners or smaller data sets from traditional CMMs. The Data Preparation software is a continuously growing collection of tools for processing, managing, and profiting from the large volume of physical measurement data available.

Evolve Design

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