SmartFit 3D

SmartFit 3D

SmartFit® 3D is a fast, accurate and reliable 2D/3D best-fitting and analysis software package that compares CAD/nominal models to data from most measurement systems.

SmartFit 3D is an interactive software environment where measured data is analyzed, optimized and compared to CAD and theorethical data.

SmartFit 3D starts working where your measuring tools leave off. This powerful, intuitive software accepts measured data from virtually any contact or non-contact inspection device, including CMMs, laser scanners, laser trackers and video systems. Data are compared to the nominal representation of a part (CAD model, drawings, nominal points) to optimize their positions. Intelligent best-fitting mathematical methods provide thorough analysis, optimization, and evaluation of conformance to form and location for 2D/3D rigid bodies and assemblies.

Two Distinct Working Modes

Data imported into SmartFit 3D can be optimized in "Point to Point" or "Point to Surface" mode. In "Point to Point" mode the nominal coordinates of each measured points are explicitly defined, and remain unchanged during the entire optimization process. "Point to Surface" mode represents the nominal part with a CAD model, while the nominal points are represented by the projected coordinates, which usually vary at each optimization step.

An Intelligent Optimization Process

"How can a good part be machined from the casting?"

"Will all the points satisfy the tolerance?"

"How much of a certain components should be shifted or rotated to achieve correct assembly?"

SmartFit 3D works with you to answer questions like these that impact your bottom line. Using advanced best-fit algorithms, your part is precisely evaluated against the nominal model to solve misalignment and location problems so that it can be repositioned for machining. The extracting SmartFit 3D process uses eight mathematical criteria to get the job done.

What Problems Can It Solve with SmartFit 3D?

Use SmartFit 3D to make intelligent decisions:

Key Features


Import/Export Options


What's New

SmartFit Point Filtering

Point filtering as part of the import process:

  • QSP
  • Skip points
  • Gaussian point filter
  • Morphology filters: Open then Close, Close then Open
  • PAMS compensation
SmartFit BestFit

Calculation with uncertainty information

SmartFit Tolerancing

Tolerance definition by surfaces / curves

SmartFit Data Import

The CAD file import supports the STEP format

SmartFit CAD Import Format

Support CoreTechnologie's CAD converter to import native (CATIA, ProEngineer, SolidWorks...) CAD formats

SmartFit 3D Mesh Hole Filling

3D mesh generation with automatic hole filling for small holes

Download Brochure

SmartFit 3D Brochure

SmartFit 3D Brochure
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System Requirements

Operating System Microsoft®Windows™ 7 (32 or 64 bit), 8/8.1(32or 64 bit), or 10 (32 or 64 bit), 64 bit recommended for all OS
CPU Intel®compatible 2GHz or better (Multi-core recommended)
Monitor Recommended: Full HD(1920x1080) or higher
Required: HD(1280x720)
Memory 32 bit: 4 GB
64 bit: 8GB minimum (16GB or more recommended)
Free Disk Space 20 GB or more
GPU OpenGL 1.1 compliance is required
nVidia graphics cards are recommended
Onboardgraphics chipsets, Intel graphics cards, and standard VGA only graphics cards are not supported